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Steam, generated from hot water

Ensonor has supplied Vahterus Steam Generators/Reboilers for various indu­strial instal­la­tions. This unit has two sepa­rate hot water inlets, from each end of the steam gene­rator. The capacity is 2x500kW which corre­sponds to approxi­mately 2x800kg steam/hour. The feed water is controlled to keep the desired water level in the gene­rator. An inte­grated sepa­rator, along with the over­sized shell, gives a dry satu­rated steam.

Steam gene­ra­tors can be delivered in capacities from <100 kg/h till »10MW. Energy sources as hot water, thermal oil, steam (Clean Steam appli­ca­tions) can be utilized. For Clean Steam appli­ca­tions the steam gene­ra­tors will be supplied in 316L. Ensonor is supplying comp­lete solu­tions, either as compo­nents or as pack­ages.

Vahterus dampgenerator
AkerBioMarine, krilltråler

We congratulate AkerBioMarine with their newbuilt Krill Trawler for use in Antarctic Waters

Ensonor is proud being a supplier of Engineering, Products and Systems for the ships Steam installations.

The ship has a steam produc­tion capacity for more than 30 t/hr, larger than most land-based Food & Beverage compa­nies. The steam produc­tion equals 17MW of energy, trans­ferred to the produc­tion plant and to the ships Ancil­lary Systems.

Aker­Bio­Ma­rine empha­size energy effi­ci­ency and a sustai­nable use of the Antarctic resources. Energy Effi­ci­ency has there­fore been a key target for Ensonors work.

We appreciate the close and excel­lent coope­ra­tion with Optimar, supplying the factory and with Vard Brattvåg, buil­ding this advanced and chal­len­ging ship.

Ensonor has supplied:

  • Engi­neering: Steam related solu­tions for the factory and for the ships ancil­lary systems.
  • Valve supply: Control Valves, Safety Valves, Globe Valves, Direct Acting Pres­sure Control Valves, Non-Return Valves etc.
  • Heat Exchan­gers: Vent Conden­sers, Conden­sers and Air Heaters
  • Conden­sate Removal: Steam Traps and Steam driven Conden­sate pumps.
  • Various: Expan­sion Bellows, Pipe Hangers etc.

Our Main Suppliers for this project:

Ensonor, AkerBioMarine leverandørlogoerEnsonor, AkerBioMarine leverandørlogoer